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Subtitling consists of displaying a translation that is synchronized with the dialogue at the bottom of a screen.

Over the last few years, in Canada as in the rest of the world, the strong rise in number of television channels, broadcasts, documentaries, business films, and online shows has considerably increased the demand for captioning.

Our subtitling services are available in every language, such as English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian and Portuguese, as well as Baltic and Indian languages.

Subtitling Process

Our team has developed a subtitling process consisting of four essential steps:

Step 1: Translating the Subtitles

The translation is done by a professional translator or interpreter who specializes in audiovisual translation (film, television). It is possible that more that one translator will participate in this step.

Step 2: Shortening the Subtitles

Afterwards, each translated caption is shortened as to not exceed 30 to 40 characters per line (the number varies by translation language).

During this step, the translator(s) will analyse and evaluate which words or expressions should be retained based on what best summarizes what was said.

Step 3: Creating the Subtitles in the Desired Format

  • SubRip (.srt)
  • TMPlayer (.txt)
  • MicroDVD (.txt/.sub)
  • SubViewer2 (.sub)
  • Advanced SubStation Alpha (.ass)
  • SubStation Alpha (.ssa)
  • VobSub (.sub/.idx)

Subtitles will appear in the desired font. We are able to customize the font colour, size and style (bold, italic, transparent) and even insert a logo on the screen.

Step 4: Quality Control

Once the set-up of the subtitles is finished, the subtitles editor carefully rereads them one more time to ensure that each one was correctly placed and to identify and rectify any discrepancies.

Example of a Video with Chinese Subtitles

Here is an example of an English video that we subtitled in Chinese.

Video with translated Chinese subtitles

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