Certified Translation

Official Documents in Canada

certified-translationIf you need a translation of official documents, such as for Immigration Canada (passports, police records, foreign degrees and diplomas, etc.), for foreign driver’s licenses, for legal purposes (trial, judgement, etc.), or for a University application (translation of  a degree or transcripts), we have certified translators who can take care of your needs, and the translations you will get back from us will be stamped certified and legally valid.

We do not give estimates by telephone. For an estimate, please send us your documents by email or fax.

Official documents that we can translate include:

Certified official translator

This type of translation gives the document the same legal value as the original. An official stamp or affidavit appears on the translation, as well as on the original documents.

Commercial documents do not usually require certified translations. We do, however, occasionally recommend certification for the translation of contracts, statutes or certificates. We are also able to translate diplomas.

For an Estimate

Please email us the document you would like to have translated, indicating the language of translation.

If you are not able to scan the document, you may fax it to 1-866-395-8561 along with your email and mailing addresses.

This will allow us to send you an accurate quote by email and to give you more information on how to proceed.

For certified copies, we suggest you call a Commissioner of Oaths.

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